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Have a seat sir

18 Feb

It”s nothing new to anyone who lives in Canada, or a major city. If you”re going to the clinic,

there”s never a good time, and it rarely matters when you”ve made an appointment. You”ll be lucky if you”re waiting for less than an hour.

After an hour, if you haven”t found something to engross yourself with, you”ll probably start looking around with disdain. And by just before the second

hour, I had cialis 20mg come to atoledo the decision that, there couldn”t possibly be that many smokers clogging up our health care system.

No, our health care system was riddle with one thing. Old People. And it is not capable of keeping up with the aging, yet seemingly unending stream of old people.

Of course, one would ask, “Well how old is old?” Another might say “Fuck you, that”s disgraceful”

Well not as disgraceful as sitting around and mumbling just loud enough for folks to hear, about how long you”ve been waiting for.

Just, give it a