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Do you CRTSEE what you’ve done? pt1

2 Feb

I”m not normally

one for agendas, and I”ll try to make a point to never use this comic to push one.

But in the name of all that is good and holy, how in the sweet name of christ am I going to give up having 5 tabs open streaming pornography to go back to the swinging saloon doors of IRL pervdom?

Seriously though, this comic, best casino bonuses every awesomely dumb, or brilliant video you see on the net, will slow, especially from Canada, and it”s hard enough doing it here and making a living out of it. (Impossible most would say) So yeah, if you like the internet, or you know what, if you honestly think you don”t use

enough, or that your internet is slow because of “bandwidth” hogs.

Juust about to read an article about this whole situation. Perhaps I”ve written this comic too late.

Ah well!

(P.s. if this article is full of shit, please go to and sign that damned

dirty petition)