2021-外国名著英语读书笔记 The Wizard of OZ

第一篇:The Wizard of OZ

"The Wizard of OZ"feelings after reading

"The Wizard of OZ" is by The united states, lehman. fei frank. baum book, which is a well-known book, with The fictional land of OZ as The background, tells The united states kansas girl dorothy volume was a tornado to a place called munchkin, well-meaning witch pointing her to The emerald city to find The great Wizard of OZ to help her home. on The road, she has met The scarecrow ----- he needs a brain; tin woodman ----- he needs a heart; ----- cowardly lion courage he needs. They go hand in hand and encouraging each oTher and help each oTher overcome difficulties one after anoTher, and finally came to The emerald city. because of Their excellent performance, great healers to help Them achieve Their aspirations, scarecrow got a brain; tin woodman had a heart; cowardly lion got courage, dorothy also fulfill our wishes, with a puppy care care back to his hometown and returned to The relatives..

this book brings me to a beautiful fantasy world of pure fantasy of people on The ground, masters of The beautiful dorothy is an innocent little girl from her body, i learned in a strange environment, should learn to strong and optimistic, even how difficult it Themselves, or will it help people in need around with friends to tide over difficulties with sharing. efforts to pursue Their own goals to be reached, do not give up, not back. The image of The characters make The story more lively and interesting. we also had to learn from good quality.

in The reading process, i seem to dorothy became good friends, my heart as dorothy from time to time experience of joy, tension, surprise, sadness. The performance of her brave, good heart and strong will, i feel that They are belittled, for Their own cowardice and it is embarrassing. because in The past, i never dared to go out alone.after reading The book, i was deeply attracted her, i saw a frustrated indomitable little girl, so i have benefited enormously. i think if i was dorothy, and when i leave The house alone, how helpless, i would like him become a strong optimism. from which i also understand a truth: people have to move forward towards Their goal of taking away The established, in advance on The road towards The future, bull by The horns and energetic, and ultimately The ideal haven. per one goal is to have to pay hard work, we must not afraid of difficulties, with a good heart, solidarity with Their peers and help each oTher, Then your mind might think a great day will surely come.

after reading this fairy tale, i am determined, like courage, like dorothy, with relentless pursuit and fighting spirit to face all kinds of difficulties, to overcome The learning, all The negative factors in life, The courage to challenge Themselves, i am i believe i can

do it!

第二篇:The wonderful Wizard of OZ

The wonderful Wizard of OZ

《The wonderful Wizard of OZ》,written by english writer lyman frank baum, is very popular in The world. this is a story about a girl who was blown to The land of munchkin by cyclone and made efforts to reunite with her family. on her way, she came across a scarecrow, a lion and a blacksmith and became friend with Them. in this story, everyone has a dream. The girl want to get home, The scarecrow desired some brains, The lion want to be courage and The blacksmith whished a heart. to achieve Their dreams, They gone through many difficulties, and eventually, They all

realized Their dreams under The helps of OZ, western witch and norThern witch!

after reading this story, i can feel many good spirits among Them! on Their way to realize Their dreams, although They came up with plenty of difficulties, They didn’t shrink from hardships and crises and are always optimists. They united as one and make unremitting efforts. in The end, They all realized Their dreams. from this book, i learned that we should all set an aim and try our best to achieve it. no matter how hard and how difficult it is, we should hold on to The last, just as The girl and her friends. besides, friends are precious and necessary. dorothy was daring regardless of personal danger to save toto; The timid lion could also fight with tiger for his friends. we should treat friends with all

sincerity and unite as one, just like Them.

among The text, what impressed me most are OZ’s ideas about brains heart and courage. he said: a baby has brains, but it doesn’t know much. experience is The only thing that brings knowledge, and The longer you are on earth, The more experiences you are sure to get; you have plenty of courage, i am sure. all you need is confidence in yourself. There is no living things is not afraid when it faces with dangers. true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and take kind of courage you have in plenty; i think you are wrong to want a heart, it makes most people unhappy. if you only know it, you are in luck for not to have a heart. as far as i’m concerned, lyman frank baum uses These simple vivid sentences to express The thoughts of brain, heart and courage. in real life, some people do not give Themselves The time to think, They just only know working working and working. so he said a baby has brains, but it doesn’t know much. some people do not have any confidence, fearing both The beginning and The end. The real courage is: despite The fear, you still face The danger. so he said you have plenty of courage, i am sure. all you need is confidence in yourself. some people only think Themselves, never give oThers love and care. only with love, it makes a lot of people happy. so he said i think you are wrong to want a heart, it makes most people unhappy.

this is all i learned from this famous book《The wonderful Wizard of

OZ》,i like it and i will read it for anoTher time .i think it deserves it!

第三篇:The wonderful Wizard of OZ

The wonderful Wizard of OZ


1. story overview.故事概况

"The Wizard of OZ" to The fictional background of OZ, tells The kansas girl dorothy is a tornado to a volume called munchkins place, kind of pointing her to The emerald city to find witches of OZ national warlock to help her home. on The road, she encounters The scarecrow has a brain he needs -----; tin woodman ----- he needs a heart; cowardly lion ----- he needs courage. They go hand in hand, encouraging each oTher, help each oTher overcome

difficulties one after anoTher, and finally came to The emerald city. because of Their excellent performance, great warlock to help Them achieve Their

aspirations, The scarecrow got a brain; tin woodman was a heart; cowardly lion got courage, dorothy also do so, with a puppy care care back home, back to The relatives.


2. main characters.主要人物

dorothy gale

glinda, The good witch of The north

hunk/The scarecrow

miss gulch/The wicked witch of The west

munchkinland mayor


child munchkin

manicurist in emerald city

mayor of munchkin city

3. author information.作者信息

lyman frank baum (l · frank baum, 1856 ~ 1919) was born in a wealthy family business owners. his sickly childhood, special care by The family. his fascination with fairy tales and fantasy stories almost to a "pipe dream" with it, parents worried that this may affect The development of his character,

determined to send him to military school. The strict military life did not improve his character, has only caused his mental breakdown. his parents had to take home from military school, let him develop his own interests.

莱曼·弗兰克·鲍姆(l·frank baum,1856~1919)出生于一个富庶的企业主家庭。他从小体弱多病,受到家人的特别关照。他对童话和幻想故事的迷恋几乎到了“白日梦”的程度,父母很担心这会影响他的性格发展,决心送他去军校。军校的严谨生活并没有改善他的性格,只导致他精神崩溃。父母只好把他从军校接回家,任由他发展自己的兴趣。

4. why is this book well written? 这本书为什么写得好?

read "The Wizard of OZ", i feel a friend is very precious. dorothy and (1)

The scarecrow, tin and The lion, never met The friend, Then riding out The storm togeTher, help each oTher achieve The results They desire. our

students are friends, we should help each oTher. friends are precious,

very important, we should cherish him and let friendship flowers always bloom.


(2) from which i also understand The truth: people have toward Their

established goals drove forward, move forward along The road, danger and

energetic, and ultimately to achieve The desired haven. achieve each goal, is to be a strenuous work, to be afraid of difficulties, with a good heart, and peer solidarity, mutual help, Then you thoughts of The day will surely come. in this book, dorothy and her friends in order to achieve aspirations, not afraid of

difficulties, help each oTher to defeat The enemy, my friends have realized Their aspirations, dorothy finally in The south with The help of a good witch glinda, but also back home in texas, end of this long journey. i later in life, learning to be learning to dorothy, difficulties in life to find ways to solve it. in learning to ask The teacher do not understand, ask students to make more knowledgeable


第四篇:The Wizard of OZ读后感

The Wizard of OZ i love reading tale fairy stories all The time. when i was a little girl, i imaged that i was The snow white, made friends with The seven dwarfs whose hearts were in The right places. i dreamed about being The long-haired princess who was arrested by The evil witch at first and finally returned to The warm embrace of her parents with The help of a brave hero. so, i would like to introduce an interesting and attractive book-- The Wizard of OZ, wrote by lyman frank who created an original fairyland, The land of OZ, a world of fantastic characters and lighThearted adventure. dorothy was a lovely girl who lived with uncle henry and aunt em in The midst of great kansas prairies. one day, a sudden cyclone sent dorothy and her favorite dog, toto, to a strange country of marvelous beauty. and dorothy was respected by The people of munchkins for having killed wicked witch of The east. she wanted to get back to her uncle and aunt, so she must overcome a lot of troubles and go to The city of emeralds which was ruled by OZ, a great Wizard.

on The way to city of emeralds, dorothy met a scarecrow. an old, pointed blue hat was perched on its head that was a small sack stuffed with straw, with eyes, nose and mouth pointed on it to show a face. he wanted to come with dorothy and hoped that OZ would

give him brains. in a forest, They found a tin man who was groaning. and The tin man wanted to join Them to get a heart. They walked through The thick woods, met a big lion without a bit of courage. The lion could not bear The life of a coward any more, so he would go with dorothy to visit The Wizard of OZ. in The end, They arrived in The city of emeralds and found that OZ was just a common person instead of a great Wizard. but The story has a happy ending. i really enjoyed reading this book. now, i am starting to image i am dorothy……

第五篇:电影The Wizard of OZ(绿野仙踪)的概要

at The first of The film, a girl named dorothy runs to her home with her dog, toto. she wants to talk to someone and complain that miss gulch wanted to hurt toto and hit it on The back because toto sometimes runs after her old cat. but everyone on The farm is very busy. uncle henry and auntie em are counting chicks and three farm hands are also working. auntie em asks dorothy to find a place where she won?t get into any trouble. so dorothy begins to imagine.

while dorothy is singing, miss gulch is coming by bicycle. s he shows an order from The sheriff allowing her to take The dog, and she says if not ,it is against The law. dorothy tries to persuade her not to destroy toto but fails. when miss gulch is putting toto in a basket, dorothy cries and rushes out of The room.

when miss gulch is riding her bicycle along The road, toto jumps out The basket and runs towards The farm. tot jumps through The window of dorothy?s bedroom and jumps to her bed. dorothy is amazed and hugged toto tightly. however she becomes worried that miss gulch will come back after she finds toto missing. she makes up her mind to run away. she packs The luggage immediately and starts her journey.

she walks down The road and comes across a small wooden house, whose owner is sitting by The campfire nearby, toasting his sausage dorothy talks to The man. his name is prof. marvel and he?s a fortuneteller. he invites dorothy to his house to see her future by a crystal ball. he has guessed that dorothy is running away, and he finds a picture of dorothy and her aunt. Therefore, he tells dorothy that her aunt will be sick in order to let her go back home.

dorothy is anxious about her aunt and decides to return home. when she is leaving The house, The wind deigns to blow. a tornado is approaching. aunt em is looking for dorothy while oThers are trying to set The horses loose. at The same time, dorothy is making her way home against The strong wind. There?s no time left and auntie em has to go into The storm cellar with oThers. when dorothy reaches, There?s no one left and she goes to her bedroom in panic.

The window is blew off and hit dorothy on her head, which makes her in a coma. when she wakes up, she finds The house floating inside The tornado. after some time, The house finally lands. dorothy opens The door and finds that it?s a colorful world outside. There are flowers, mountains, streamlets and houses, and Then dorothy knows that she is not in kansas any more.

she wanders aimlessly, and suddenly, a shining ball appears and becomes larger and larger. a woman walks out of The ball and asks wheTher dorothy is a good witch or a bad witch. dorothy really feels confused. so, The woman tells her that when she landed, she killed a bad witch – The wicked witch of The

east by accident. The people here are called munchkins. They thank dorothy very much and celebrate The death of The bad witch. The woman also tells dorothy that her name is glinda, The witch of The north.

The little people are singing and dancing to welcome dorothy to munchkin land. unexpectedly, an ugly witch appears. The witch is The wicked witch of The west, and she?s The dead witch?s sister. she is angry about her sister?s death and also wants to find her sister?s ruby slippers. but The slippers are on dorothy?s feet. The witch threatens Them and disappears. dorothy asks glinda how to go back to kansas, but The witch only tells her to walk along The yellow brick road to ask The Wizard of OZ for help. so, dorothy starts her journey.

dorothy walks along The yellow brick road, and Then she meets a crossroad. when she is wondering which way to go, a voice answers her. she looks around, finding nothing but a scarecrow. The scarecrow can talk, and he really wants a brain. so dorothy tells him that he can ask The Wizard of OZ for help. Therefore They start off togeTher. after some time, when dorothy is picking up apples, she finds a tin man, who has rusted. dorothy and scarecrow help him move with an oilcan. tin man tells Them that he wants a heart. to help him, dorothy and scarecrow invite him to go to The Wizard of OZ togeTher. at first he refuses. but after The bad witch appears and laughs at him, he agrees. Then, in a dark and gloomy forest The three meet a cowardly lion, who joins Them to get courage from The Wizard of The OZ.

They walk out of The forest and find many beautiful flowers. however, The wicked witch of The west uses magic to make Them sleepy by These poppies. scarecrow and tin man cry for help and The good witch, glinda wakes up dorothy and cowardly lion by a snow.

finally, They arrive in The emerald city. The gatekeeper doesn?t allow Them to enter The city until dorothy proves that glinda sends her There by showing The ruby slippers. They?re welcomed warmly and are dressed up. at this moment, The wicked witch of The west appears again and writes “surrender dorothy” with black smoke in The sky. people in The city all get scared. a magician asks people to go back home and not to worry about this. after he knows dorothy, he agrees to go into The palace where The Wizard of OZ lives and introduce Them to The Wizard of OZ.

The magician comes out and asks Them to go away, as The Wizard of on said. dorothy cries sadly because she?s worried about aunt em. this reminds The magician of his aunt and he sheds tears of compassion for her. he leads The way to The Wizard of OZ. The Wizard of OZ is very dignified and powerful. he agrees to help Them if They can take The broomstick of The wicked witch of The west. The four are so scared in front of The Wizard of OZ that They run out

of The palace as soon as They accept The task.

The four start off again to kill The wicked witch of The west. when They walk through a dark forest, some winged monkeys, who are The witch?s servants, come. They destroy The scarecrow and take dorothy and toto to The castle where The bad witch lives. The witch threatens dorothy to give her The ruby slippers or she will kill toto. dorothy has no choice but to do what she?s asked. but The witch can?t touch The slippers, which reminds her that The owner should be killed before getting The slippers. Therefore, she puts a sandglass on The table before leaving and tells dorothy that when time?s up, she will be killed. but, toto has escaped and is helping tin man, cowardly lion and scarecrow, who has been repaired find dorothy and rescue her. scarecrow comes up with an idea that They disguise Themselves as The soldiers of The castle. They succeed to rescue dorothy before The witch comes to kill her. however, though scarecrow traps some soldiers They are still caught by The bad witch. The bad witch is so happy and complacent that she draws fire on scarecrow to please herself. dorothy spills a bucket of water on him. but accidentally, The water is also spilled on The witch?s face. The witch cries and melts gradually. her soldiers and servants all celebrate her death. dorothy Then takes her broomstick to The Wizard of OZ. to Their surprise, The Wizard doesn?t want to solve Their problems. at The moment, toto find an ordinary man behind The curtain and The old man turns out to be The Wizard himself. he provides scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion with a diploma, a heart-clock and a medal of courage. he decides to bring dorothy back to kansas himself by a balloon.

when dorothy and The old man are ready to take off, toto jumps out and dorothy also jumps out of The basket under The balloon to get it. so she doesn?t catch up with The balloon. she?s so disappointed. unexpected, glinda appears and teaches dorothy to use The ruby slippers to return to kansas.

dorothy wakes up after some time and finds herself in The bed at home. everyone is There, but nobody believes what she says about The adventure in OZ.

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